Our Services

Curriculum upgrade and faculty development

Along with Sapience Consulting, FICE works with top state technical universities, leading engineering colleges and private universities to develop and deliver curriculum related interventions that are in line with the needs of the job market. Faculty development and student mentoring programs ensure that the curriculum changes seep down to the level where they are needed the most.


Experiential learning, innovation and venture creation

Experiential learning labs and associated programs are offered with focus on innovation and entrepreneurship around computer science, embedded systems and the Internet of Things. Programs leverage the strengths and insights of major global technology providers. Participating students are better prepared for the job market as well as the entrepreneurial eco-system. Together with leading global universities, FICE is involved in hybrid delivery of programs in innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership. Participants in these programs receive their certificates directly from the respective university.


Project and program management on a turnkey basis

FICE works with top companies and helps them rollout their education, innovation and digital inclusion initiatives to urban, non-urban and rural areas of India. These programs are designed and implemented to meet specific client needs and outcomes.


Smart City Micro Accelerator